Vorhut Panzer AI

(Panzer Advance Guard)

German Armoured advance guard encounters hastily set-up Soviet blocking positions along river crossing points.

Fictional with approx 10000 points combined.

Map size 2160m X 3280m

  • Date: July 1942
  • Region: South
  • Battle Type: Axis Probe
  • Game Length: 45 variable
  • Time: Mid Day
  • Ground Condition: Very Dry
  • Temperature: Hot
  • Defender: Soviet
  • Map Contours: 2.5m
  • Map Edge for Exit Points: Axis Player should exit nominated units (see briefing) on northern edge
  • No Of Flags: None
Play recommendations

This version is designed for play only as Axis Vs soviet AI and any feedback etc in this regard would be welcome. This scenario uses ‘random reinforcements' for the AI. This means that every time you play this action the make-up of the Soviet AI will never be exactly the same. There is another version which is designed purely for play as H2H called ‘Vorhut Panzer H2H'

Download Vorhut Panzer AI