Tank Battle Problem No1 Attack against PAK


Map Size: 1.4 x 1Km

Total Points Combined: 3000

This scenario is based on a training situation outlined in “The German Tank Platoon in WWII: It's Training and Deployment” (published by The Nafziger Collection, and based on a document compiled by the US Army from Original German Works).

In this scenario the player, as the panzer company commander, has to penetrate the enemies main line of resistance (held by infantry with anti-tank guns in support) with his panzer company. There is no infantry or artillery support available.

  • Date: July 1943
  • Battle Type: Axis Attack
  • Game Length: 35 variable
  • Time: Mid Day
  • Ground Condition: Dry
  • Temperature: Hot
  • Defender: Soviet
  • Map Contours: 2.5m
  • No of Flags: 1 small (150 points) 2 large (each has a value of 300 points)

Play Recommendation

This scenario is best played as the German player against the Soviets. It is also recommended that the player sticks to the scenario default, at least initially.

There is another scenario called "Tank Battle Problem No2 Point Platoon" which recreates another sitaution from the same book.

Download TBP No1 Attack Against PAK