Tank Battle Problem No2 Point Platoon

Fictional with approx 1000 points combined.

Map size 800 x 1040m

Set in July 1941 on the Eastern Front this scenario is based on a training situation outlined in "The German Tank Platoon in WWII: It's Training and Deployment" (published by The Nafziger Collection, and based on a document complied by the US Army from Original German Works).

As such it is designed as a training scenario for those new to commanding armour and infantry on the CM battlefield. It also has something to offer 'Grogs' looking for a quick combat 'fix'!

In this scenario the player, as the panzer platoon commander of the point platoon of a panzer company, encounters a blocking position based around a village defended by enemy forces equipped with anti-tank guns, machine guns and some light armour. Supporting the German armour, and following close behind, are infantry riding in halftracks.

  • Date: July 1941
  • Battle Type: Axis Attack
  • Game Length: 40 variable
  • Time: Mid Day
  • Ground Condition: Very Dry
  • Temperature: Hot
  • Defender: Soviet
  • Map Contours: gentle
  • No Of Flags: 2 large (each has a value of 300 points)

Play recommendation

This scenario can be played as the German player against the Soviet AI or as H2H. If playing against the AI it is recommended that the player sticks to the scenario default at least for the first go. For the 'Grogs' up the AI experience level by +2, at least!

This is the second training lesson in a series based on the situations described in the above book; the first one TBP No1 Attack Against PAK covers attacking a strong anti-tank defence without any infantry or artillery support.

Download TBP No2 Point Platoon