Stuetzpunkt Glowaczow

13 th August 1944

Soviet counter attack to retake villages of Glowaczow and Lezinice from 19 th Panzer Armoured Kampfgruppe. Semi Historical

Map Size: 2.4 x 2.8Km

Points Total: 15000 combined

  • Battle Length: 45+; semi-historical
  • Region: Central (Poland)
  • Time of Day: Afternoon
  • Ground Conditions: Dry
  • Temperature: Warm
  • Wind: Breeze from east
  • Weather: Over cast
  • Defender: Dug in
  • Battle Type: Mechanised Soviet Attack
  • Attacker: Soviet
  • Number of Flags: 2 small; 3 large

Play Recommendations

If playing the AI it is suggested you stick to the scenario default - play works well as either Axis or Allied player (give the AI a +2 Combat Experience Bonus). If playing two player the more experienced player should take the Soviets.

The other scenario, Schwerpunkt Glowaczow, covers the earlier German attack to take the village.

Download Stuetzpunkt Glowaczow