Schwerpunkt Glowaczow

12th August 1944

19 th Panzer Armoured kampfgruppe attack on village of Glowaczow and Lezenice defended by Soviet forces.

Map Size: 2.8 x 2.4Km

Points Total: 17500 combined

  • Battle Length: 45+; semi-historical
  • Region: Central (Poland)
  • Time of Day: Dusk
  • Ground Conditions: Dry
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Wind: Breeze from east
  • Weather: Over cast
  • Defender: Dug in
  • Battle Type: Mechanised Axis Attack
  • Attacker: German from the South
  • Number of Flags: 8 large; 2 small

Play Recommendations

This scenario deals with the opening stages of this action i.e. the German attack to take Glowaczow and Lezenice. There is a further part to this action, called Stuetzpunkt Glowaczow which covers the Soviet attack to retake the village.

If playing the AI it is suggested you stick to the scenario default - play works well as either Axis or Allied player (the AI might put up a better fight if you give a +2 Combat Experience Bonus). If playing two player the more experienced player should take the Soviets.

Download Schwerpunkt Glowaczow