Peiper's Nahkampftag*


Map Size: 1.9 x 2,3Km

Total Points: 17000

Jochen Peiper's Panzergruppe whilst attacking towards Teterovino during the Battle Of Kursk, was counter attacked by strong Soviet armour and infantry units. Surrounded, Peiper had a call for help sent out and elements from the 7. /SS-Panzer regiment were ordered to fight their way through, and make contact with the beleaguered panzer grenadiers.

  • Date: 8 th July 1943
  • Region: Russia
  • Battle Type: AI Soviet Attack (in actuality this battle will see the German player attack to defend the hard pressed Panzer Grenadiers against strong Soviet armour and infantry attacks, then cover them as they attempt to exit for points).
  • Game Length: 65 fixed
  • Time: Mid-day
  • Ground Condition: dry
  • Temperature: hot
  • Weather: Thick fog**
  • Defender: Dug In
  • Map Contours: Normal 2.5m
  • Some German units (see briefing) must exit for points. No exit for Soviets
  • Flag type: static 8 small flags; 4 large flags.
  • Axis/Allied Bonus: none

Play recommendations

Can equally be played as H2H or as the Germans Vs Soviet AI; For the first attempt playing against the AI use ‘stick to scenario default'. Historically the Soviet tank crews in this action were poorly trained and had little, or no experience of tank combat. The AI does not handle this to well. If playing against the AI and you are looking for a tougher fight you can up the AI experience bonus accordingly. If playing as H2H you will just have to take this into account – or change it in the Scenario Editor.

Note: this scenario uses the concept of ‘random reinforcements' for the Soviet side.

So from game to game what comes out of the mist will vary – sometimes hugely!

* Nahkampftag means ‘close combat day'

**In the actual action smoke from explosions, burning armour etc caused a significant loss in visibility for both sides, which helped the German Panzer Grenadiers stuck in the middle, but severely hindered the attacking German armour on its relief mission.

To recreate this I have set the weather as ‘THICK FOG'.

Information Sources

This scenario is based on the events described in ‘Operation Zitadelle' by Franz Kurowski, and ‘Jochen Peiper' by Patrick Agte.

I have used additional information from ‘The Battle of Kursk' by Glantz and House; ‘Armour Battles of the Waffen SS, 1943 – 45' by Will Fey and ‘Chronicle of the 7. Panzer Kompanie 1 st SS Panzer Division “Leibstandarte” by Ralf Tiemann.

This scenario is semi historical in that the map though constructed from photos and maps of the area still involves a degree of artistic licence to allow for a reasonable game.

I've also based German unit forces/equipment on eyewitness accounts and actual OOB. Soviet units I have made my best educated guess.

Download Peiper's Nahkampftag