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panzerkeil command map


Panzerkeil Am Mius

23rd Panzer Division's armoured attack to retake Hill 213.9 during the fighting around the Mius River in July 1943.

Semi Historical

approx 16000 points combined.

Map size 3040m X 2480m

  • Battle Type: Axis Attack
  • Game Length: 70 fixed
  • Time: Mid Day
  • Weather Conditions: Clear
  • Ground Condition: Dry
  • Temperature: Warm
  • Defender: Soviet
  • Map Contours: 2.5m
  • No Of Flags: 12 large

Play recommendations

This is a large map with a lot of units. Also by the middle of the battle there will be a lot of burning fields and buildings producing smoke graphics. This will all slow down turn times. Using a P4 1GB PC turn computing times were around, by the end of the game, 2 3 minutes. If using a slower machine this will be longer.

Play as Germans Vs Soviet AI (give the AI a +2 combat experience bonus and stick to scenario default). If playing H2H more experienced player should take the Germans.

Command Map

To help you assess the terrain and keep track of the action this scenario has a topographical map associated with it. It is enclosed in the Panzerkeil Am Mius zip file.

Download Panzerkeil Am Mius