Kampfgruppe Langkeit H2H

1st November 1943. Kampfgruppe Langkeit counter attacks advancing Soviet forces north of Krivoi Rog, Southern Ukraine.


  • Operation Length: 5 Battles each battle lasts 20 turns;
  • Opening Battle Slot: Dawn
  • Ground Conditions: Dry
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Defender: Dug in
  • Weather Pattern: Good
  • Operation Type: Static
  • Attacker: German – from the South
  • Number of Flags: 20
  • Attackers Casualty Point Factor: 100%
  • Size Of No Mans Land: 800m

Playing the Operation

Given the make-up of the German forces this version is only for playing as H2H. If you would like to play Germans Vs AI then please download ‘Kampfgruppe Langkeit AI'.

For the opening action please ensure you have good visibility. Poor vis will affect the playability of the opening battle slot. You may need to recycle the game to open with good weather.

This operation is based on a combat report by Hauptmann Hans Jochaim Schwanner and is taken from ‘Panzertruppen Vol2' by Tom Jentz.

Topography is based on the map sketched out in the book and also from Soviet maps and photos of the area.

I have classed the scenario as semi-historical in that I have taken a best guess at the actual Soviet force make up.

Download Kampfgruppe Langkeit H2H