Attack on Village of Fedwar

3rd Panzer Division Panzer Kampfgruppe attacks Soviet held village of Fedwar near the Ingulez River, 27th December 1943.

Based on a scenario outlined in ‘Panzertaktik' by Wolfgang Schneider.


Approx Points total: 10000 points

  • Battle Type: Axis Attack
  • Date: 27 th December 1943
  • Location: Village of Fedwar near the Ingulez River.
  • Region: Southern Ukraine
  • Weather: Cold and overcast.
  • Terrain: Steppe, scattered trees, rolling hills with light snow cover.
  • Wind: Breeze E
  • Turns: 45+
  • Number of Flags: 5 small (150 points each) 1 large (300 points)
  • Axis Bonus: 300 points
  • Defender: is dug in
Play Recommendation

Plays equally well as Germans against AI (due to German force makeup does not work well as Soviet Vs German AI), or as H2H. In H2H it is recommended the more experienced player takes Germans.

Download Attack On Village of Fedwar