Death On The Dnepr Solowjewka

Kampfgruppe from Leibstandarte encircles and attacks advancing Soviet armoured group from Third Tank Army at the village of Solowjewka on 15 th November 1943.

Map Size: 2.9km X 3km

Total Points: 21500 combined


  • Date: 15 th November 1943
  • Region: South
  • Battle Type: Axis Attack
  • Game Length: 60+
  • Time: Mid day
  • Ground Condition: Damp
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Weather: Rain
  • Wind: Breeze SW
  • Defender: Not dug in
  • Map Edges Friendly to:
  • W Axis
  • N Axis
  • E Allies
  • S - Axis
  • Map Contours: 1.5m
  • Flag type: Static
  • No Of Flags: 10 small, 12 large
  • Number of Points: approx. 10 000

Play Recommendations

This is a large map with a manageable number of units allowing lots of space for manoeuvre. Loading times using my PC (1Gb RAM, P4 3Ghz) are around 1 2 minutes. This does become faster as the battle progresses and units take casualties!

My intention was to create an operation type scenario within a battle framework, as I have been a bit dissatisfied with the current CMBB operation model. So when playing this best to go into it thinking you are playing an operation. Ammunition, or lack of it, becomes an issue for both sides.

This plays well either as H2H or German Vs AI (Due to makeup of German forces this will not play well as Soviet Vs German AI).

Information Sources

This scenario is semi-historical in that although the map is a fairly accurate replica of the actual terrain (based on an actual map of the village and surrounding area) I have taken a best guess at the Soviet force make-up, and reduced the actual unit sizes to allow practical play.

Download Death On The Dnepr - Solowjewka