Ukraine Landscape Images from Chernivtsi Province

All the images available for download below were taken by Bigduke6 from the BFC forum.

It's fine for some one to download or copy them for private use, but commercial use is not okay unless you have sought written permission from Bigduke6.


Pictures taken with a NikonD70 in early October 2006, using a 28-85mm Nikkor lens. Automatic light and focus settings were used exclusively. Pictures were taken between 1600 and 1900 local time, roughly. None of the images has been retouched.

Most shots were at taken at maximum wide angle, and so distances appear farther in the pictures than in real life.

All the shots were taken through a fairly dirty window of an Ukraine National Railroad train car. First class, I'd hate to see the windows on 3rd class. Also bear in mind the rail is on a berm averaging 2 meters above the level of the ground.

The horizontal lines in many of the shots are high-power wires running parallel to the railroad. The train's average speed was about 80 - 90 kmph.

To view a higher res image just click on the thumbnails (higher res are about 3Mb).

Copyright Bigduke6 2006

2618 - War memorial not far from train station in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

2619 -  Inscription (in Ukrainian) reads: "Tank of the crew of Guards
Lieutenant P.F. Nikitin, which on the 26th of April 1944 was the first
to enter Chernivtsi and in severe combat liberate it from the Fascist

2620 - Efim Pavlovich Rak, aged 88 according to personal account. He said he participated in combat during the war but declined to say on which side. Since he referred to German forces as "Fritzes" and Soviet forces as "Reds", it is possible he fought on the side of Ukrainian partisans.

2622 - Ridgeline in distance is first foothills of Carpathian
Mountain range.


2623 - Haphazard bush and odd building typical of semi built-up areas in Ukraine

2625 - Typical trees paralleling rural road


2626 - Note focal length etc. tends to flatten/lengthen image of terrain

2627 - 30 The silver thing is a new post-Soviet building, my guess dairy






2631 - The hay ricks are atypical for modern Ukraine, but still found
in poorer areas like the Chernivtsi province.


2652 - That's a typical small bog in the foreground.

2633 - This would qualify as the home of a well-off but far from rich
rural family.


2636 - The two-story better-looking buildings are almost certainly
country houses for wealthier city residents.

2643 - It is common practice in Ukrainian villages to graze cattle on
public ground, including the village football pitch.


2645 - Good shot of (a portion of) a typical village

2650 - In this region (West Ukraine) wide open ground like this is uncommon, but not rare.