map looking SE

looking west from the Don

Ostrov Village

Bloody mess in Ostrov

Soviet tanks engage panzers

Tank Battle

PzIII Vs T34

KV ace Vs Panzers

Strachwitz at Kalach August 42

On the 8th August at the northern edge of the Kalach bridgehead, the remnants of General K.S. Moskalenko's 1st Tank Army manned a defense line on and behind the Liska river, only a short distance from the river Don. They have their orders: Not a Step Back!

16th Panzer Division with Strachwitz's battalion at the tip, attempts to seize an intact bridge over the Liska River at Ostrov and then link up with the 24th Panzer division at the Don River. They have their orders: Panzers forward!

Map size: 4km x 2.2km

Total points combined: Approx 15 000

Authors: George McEwan and Charlie Meconis

Designers Note: This scenario is classed as semi-historical as we have had to make compromises with the map scale and unit sizes to fit them into a CMBB battle frame. Units are representative in that relative proportions are correct. The map is at about 1/3rd scale.

  • Date: 8th August 1942
  • Region: South
  • Battle Type: Axis Attack, semi-historical
  • Attacker Comes From:
  • Game Length: 45+
  • Number of Flags: FOW
  • Opening Battle Slot: Mid-day
  • Ground Condition: Dry
  • Temperature: Hot
  • Wind: Breeze NNW
  • Weather: Clear
  • Defender: Soviet
  • Map Contours: Gentle
  • Map edges friendly to:
  • W – Axis
  • N – Neutral
  • E – Allies
  • S - Neutral

Playing the Battle

Best played as H2H or as Human against Soviet AI with AI sticking to ‘computer player uses scenario default'. If playing against the AI give it a combat experience bonus of at least +2.

If played as H2H more experienced player should play the Germans.

Before playing please check your side specific brief very carefully – there is critical information contained therein.

Command Map

This scenario has an associated command map and German briefing sketch map. Both are included in the zip file.

Download Strachwitz at Kalach August 42


There is also a short video file which shows Soviet tank ace Lt. Solovyev, a KV commander, engaging a platoon of German panzer IIIs during a playtest. You can get it here