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Gruppe Strachwitz

161st Rifle Div

5th Guards Tank Corps

Panzers Vor!

Panzer IV

Brewed up panzer IV

Strachwitz at Kharkov 1943

On the 19 th March the Panzer Count's panzer kampfgruppe goes head to head with Kravchenko's 3 rd and 5 th Guards Tank Corps near Orlovka during the winter fighting around Kharkov in 1943.

Map size: 6km x 4km

Total points combined: Approx 15 000 combined.

Authors: George McEwan and Charlie Meconis

Designers Note: This operation is classed as semi-historical as we have had to make compromises with the map scale and unit sizes to fit them into a CMBB battle frame.

The map is at about 1/3rd scale.

  • Date: 19 th March 1943 (note the parameters say February just to allow grau vehicles)
  • Region: South
  • Battle Type: Static Operation (see Playing Static Operations )
  • Attacker Comes From: East
  • Game Length: 3 Battles each 30 turns fixed
  • Number of Flags: 6
  • Opening Battle Slot: Dawn
  • Ground Condition: Light snow
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Weather Pattern: Mixed
  • Defender: Soviets
  • Map Contours: Gentle
  • No-Mans Land: 800m

Playing the Battle

Best played as H2H or as Human against Soviet AI with AI sticking to ‘computer player uses scenario default'. The AI provides a tough fight in this so will not need a CEB bonus.

If played as H2H more experienced player should play the Germans.

Before playing please check your side specific brief very carefully – there is critical information contained therein.

Playing Static Operations

For playing Static operations please refer to the CMBB handbook on the CD as a PDF file.

A couple of points that may not be immediately obvious regarding the size and effect of no-mans land between battles.

After the first battle the main line is defined, just like in other operations, from one side of map to the other, and the distance from one Main Line to the other is the size of the No Mans Land. But troop concentrations within No Mans Land can create a deployment zone of their own (or a situation of being out of supply if there are too little troops there), and these can be quite a lot closer to enemy deployment zones - even right next to them.

This means that although your Main Line may be the specified distance (see briefing) from the enemies Main Line, isolated or advanced units will be closer to the enemies Main Line and it is possible for advanced units to have the enemy set-up right next to them prior to the start of the next battle.

Command Map

This scenario has an associated command map which is included in the download zip file.

Download Strachwitz at Kharkov 43