Götterdämerung in Silesia 1945

Silesia, Dawn 25 th January 1945: General Rybalko's 3 rd Guards Tank Army has turned 90 degrees to the south and cut off German forces fleeing from the disaster at the Vistula. Nothing seems to stand in his way to breach the last major defense line left to the Wehrmacht—the Oder River south of the Silesian capital of Oppeln. Elements of his 9 th Mechanized Corps have already overrun a majestic estate. It is Strachwitz' ancestral home, Groß Stein. The German High Command desperately scrambles to send forces to hold—or blow-- the key bridge at the Oder river town of Krappitz. Strachwitz , still recuperating from a terrible vehicle accident in the fall, has risen from his hospital bed on crutches and assembled a force of volunteers.

Map size: 2.9Km x 3Km

Total points combined: Approx 11000 combined.

Authors: George McEwan and Charlie Meconis

This Version: see zip file

Designer's note: we describe this scenario as “semi-historical” because there is very little solid detailed information on the operations of Strachwitz's last command in Silesia during the chaotic final months of the war. We have chosen a carefully researched actual battle setting—the fight for Krappitz, Silesia—as a plausible and interesting setting for this last battle in our Strachwitz series

  • Date: 25 th January 1945
  • Region: Central
  • Battle Type: Axis Attack
  • Attacker Comes From: East
  • Game Length: 70+ (note: AI is slow to move hence large number of turns)
  • Number of Flags: 2 small/4 large
  • Opening Battle Slot: Afternoon
  • Ground Condition: Snow
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Weather: Fog
  • Defender: Germans
  • Map Contours: Gentle

Playing the Battle

It is recommend that you play the appropriate version. If playing against the AI in the vs AI version give it a CEB bonus of +2

Download Götterdämerung in Silesia H2H

Download Götterdämerung in Silesia AI