Rail Yard Blues

“Totenkopf” SS panzer kampfgruppe attacks a Soviet held rail yard and village during the Kessel battles near Kirovograd in early January 1944.

Map Size: 1km x 1.2km

Total Points Combined: 7000


  • Author: George McEwan
  • Version: 1.1 with some minor German OOB changes
  • Date: January 1944
  • Region: Russia
  • Battle Type: German Attack. Fictional
  • Game Length: 45 variable
  • Time: Dawn
  • Ground Condition: Light snow
  • Temperature: cold
  • Weather: Fog
  • Defender: Soviets (dug in)
  • Map Contours: Gentle 1.25m
  • Flag type: Static – there are 3 flags each worth 300 points.

Axis/Allied Bonus: none

Play recommendations

Best played as H2H or as the Germans Vs Soviet AI; for the first attempt playing against the AI use ‘stick to scenario default', depending on your experience give AI a combat experience bonus e.g. crack players +3; veteran players +2; regular players +1; green players no bonus.

Information Sources

This is a fictional scenario and is based on accounts of actual actions covered in:

“Armour Battles of the Waffen SS, 1943 – 45” by Will Fey

“Chronicle of the 7. Panzer Kompanie 1 st SS Panzer Division “Leibstandarte” by Ralf Tiemann.

“From The Don to The Dnepr” by David M. Glantz

“Steel Storm: Waffen SS Panzer Battles on the Eastern Front 1943 – 1945” by Tim Ripley.

Download Railyard Blues