Newest/Updated Scenarios


The list below has either brand new scenarios (marked NEW!) or existing scenarios that have had some changes made to them as a result of feedback received from players (marked Updated).

I'd appreciate any feedback you may have about any aspect of the scenarios and information available here - email address is in the scenario briefings.

Thank You

28/06/08 Baeke's Knights Cross at New Year Part 1 NEW! The fourth Bäke in the series. This follows on from Winter Storm II and covers Bäke's desperate defence of his battalion HQ against a dawn surprise attack by an advanced detachment comprising tanks from the exhausted remnants of the 24th and 25th Tank Corps and the 1st Guards Mechanized Corps.  
10/05/08 Baeke's Winter Storm II NEW! The third Bäke in the series. This follows on from Winter Storm I and is another large scale armoured engagement centred around the village of Verkhne Kumsky.  
23/03/08 Strachwitz's Last Blitzkreig This has now done it's playtesting. Enjoy!  
8/3/08 Baeke's Winter Storm I NEW! The second Bäke scenario in the series. Large armoured engagement south of Verkhne Kumsky on the 14th December 1942.  
24/02/08 Götterdämerung in Silesia H2H UPDATED! OOPs! Made a small error with the set-up zones which meant it was possible for contact to be made on the first turn. Not intentional. Now fixed.  
20/02/08 Baeke Prelude at Pokhlebin NEW! The first Bäke scenario of the new series. Set during the prelude to "Operation Winter Storm"  
19/02/08 Baeke Battles: "Der Mensch" In The East NEW! The third in our CMBB series of outstanding armored battalion/kampfgruppe level commanders on the Ostfront, we will recreate some key battles from the career of the legendary Major General Dr. Franz Bake.  
31/10/07 Strachwitz at Narva NEW! Can you pull off what Der Panzer Graf did in March 1944 and lead a succesfull armoured attack into a swamp...  
20/05/07 Strachwitz at Kursk NEW! The latest Strachwitz action for CMBB. On the 9th July 1943, Panzergruppe Strachwitz spearheads the attack on the Soviet fortified village of Novossolevka during Operation Citadel.  
12/1/07 The Panzer Counts Ostfront NEW! A CMBB combat history of the career of the legendary German tank commander Hyazinth Graf (Count) Strachwitz von Groß-Zauche und Camminetz from 1941 to 1945.  
6/10/06 HSG A Sunday Dance NEW! A small unbalanced scenario pitting seasoned veterans from 24th Panzer Divisions SPW recce unit against young scouts from the Stalin School...  
4/9/06 Panzerkeil Am Mius Updated! Just made some main briefing changes.  

25/6/06 HSG King of the Hill NEW! This is a joint authorship project between Steve "Mad Russian" and George Mc, and was used as the deciding scenario in the King of the Hill tournament.



Peiper's Race for Belgorod There was a small glitch in the no-mans land setting which made this too easy for the Germans to win. This has been changed.



CMBB Battle Map - Ukrainian Fields and Valley

Another smallish CMBB battle map.



CMBB Battle Map - Ukrainian Wooded Rural Village, Fields and River

A small CMBB battle map available for QBs and what have you. More to come.



Peiper's Bridge in Kharkov Revised the map by reducing it's size and adjusted Soviet OOB to make H2H play more balanced.



A Marshal's Promise NEW! Recommended for H2H - You can grab it here. Any feedback most welcome. This is a joint authorship project between Travis 'Shmavis' McCoy and George McEwan.



Peiper's Race for Belgorod NEW! This is the final scenario in the Blowtorch Battalion series

Tankovyi Desant NEW!


Attack on Village of Fedwar Updated! Just made a few map tweaks.


Endgame for Endemann Updated! Just made a few wee map tweaks.


Peiper's Blowtorch Battalion NEW!

Tank Battle Problem No3 NEW!

Railyard Blues NEW!