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Russian Training Exercises

All scenarios designed by Jason C

This zip contains 20 training scenarios for the BFC game "Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin" for play against the AI or a human opponent. They are intended to teach basic tactics of the Russian forces. They are meant to be played in sequence, moving to the next after winning the previous. They run from command of a single tank to a full battalion.

How To Play

  • Use "scenario default" set ups.
  • It is recommended you use 'Extreme Fog of War', less experienced players set FOW at an appropriate level.
  • Repeated attempts are fine, using intel from previous losses is also fine.

About the Training Exercises

The first 6, the 100 level courses, are extremely simple. They should be second nature. 3 cover armor and 3 cover infantry, progressively adding basic cooperating items for each approach.

Next there are 3 200 level courses meant to teach the basic approach of the usual Russian force types - combined arms force type with infantry division parent, infantry force type, and a mech force type (armor with mech parent unit). You should become familiar with all 3 ways of fighting. The combined arms methods are probably the simplest. Infantry only is hardest to command, while the mech method repays expertise with excellent results.

There are 8 courses at the 300 level, covering infantry tactics, infantry AT tactics, and general AT tactics.

The first 3 introduce the variety of Russian specialist infantry types and highlight the strength of quality infantry and numbers in special conditions - woods, snow, and night. The next 2 cover fighting armored enemies largely using infantry strength, by employing obstacles or in built up city fighting with modest tank support.

They are meant to build on the previous - you should become accustomed to relying on infantry staying power and area control. General AT tactics introduces guns and all arms AT defenses, in open terrain, against progressively tougher German armor. It comes after all the above, so you understand the importance of stripping the tanks, while guns reduce their numbers.

Finally there are 3 courses at the 400 level, revisiting the basic force types on a larger scale and with the added complexity of specialists and supporting arms. These feature a 1942 attack by a green infantry force type, a 1943 attack using combined arms, and a 1944 mech attack. Each has less time available than the previous and faces a slightly improved German force.

Jason C

Download All the Russian Training Exercises

100 - Basic armor commands

In this short course you will drive the T-34 and must defeat a lone Panzer opponent.

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Forces - 1 T-34.

Intended lessons - strengths and weaknesses of the T-34, picking terrain for armor.

101 - Armor platoon command

In this short course you have a platoon of T-34s and a few tank rider scouts, facing

a pair of Panzers.

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Forces - 3 T-34, HQ and 2 SMG half squads.

Intended lessons - intel and scouting in the armor war, many on few maneuvers.

102 - Armor platoon command, superior enemy

In this course you must use teamwork to defeat a single superior enemy AFV.

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Forces - 3 T-34s, SMG platoon.

Intended lessons - numbers and tactics trump hardware, confidence against enemy armor.

110 - Basic infantry commands

In this course you will learn to advance a green infantry platoon over open ground under fire.

Setting - farmland.

Forces - Green rifle platoon.

Intended lessons - use of cover, proper intervals, advance command, importance of spotting.

111 - Infantry company command

Introduces heavy weapons and higher HQs. Minimal opponents.

Setting - farmland.

Forces - 2 Green rifle platoons, company HQ, 2 MMG, 1 82mm mortar.

Intended lessons - overwatch fires, multiple enemy shooters, persistent infantry advance.

112 - Basic infantry artillery coordination

Introduces "map fire" prep bombardments in support of an infantry company

advance. More serious opposition.

Setting - farmland.

Forces - 2 Green rifle platoons, company HQ, 2 MMG, 1 82mm mortar, 1 conscript 122mm gun FO.

Intended lessons - terrain analysis for and timing of planned fires, conforming infantry movements

to a preset plan, proper weapon employed against the most suitable target.

Download 100 Series Russian Training Exercises

200 - Basic combined arms attack

An infantry company with all supporting arms attacks a German infantry force position.

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Intended lessons - weapons help armor, armor and artillery help infantry. The power of armor

against lesser arms when properly supported.

201 - Infantry force type attack

An infantry company (+) with strong artillery support attacks a German infantry force position.

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Intended lessons - using fire plan artillery and on map guns instead of tank support.

202 - Mech force type attack

A tank company (-) with riders attacks a German position. Must succeed within 20 minutes.

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Intended lessons - overwhelming AT defenses, speed, tanks carrying the burden for infantry.

Download 200 Series Russian Training Exercises

310 - Advanced Russian Infantry tactics I - woods fighting

This is a meeting engagement against a German company in northern Russian woods.

Setting - early 1941, northern Russia.

Intended lessons - Russian infantry varieties and "owning" woods interiors.

311 - Advanced Russian Infantry tactics II - winter woods fighting

This is an even odds Russian attack by ski troops against a dug in German company

with strong artillery support.

Setting - January 1942, Battle for Moscow, northern sector.

Intended lessons - exploiting mobility advantages with infantry.

312 - Advanced Russian Infantry tactics III - night woods fighting

This is an even odds Russian night attack by specialist infantry formations. Similar

enemy as in 311.

Setting - Spring 1942, night, northern Russia.

Intended lessons - special weapons and tactics, surprise, confident maneuver.

315 - Advanced Russian infantry anti-tank tactics I - infantry and obstacles AT defense

This is a pure infantry defense against a German combined arms probe.

Setting - Typhoon, approaching Moscow.

Intended lessons - anti-tank mine and pioneer AT tactics, tank avoidance.

316 - Advanced Russian infantry anti-tank tactics II - city infantry AT tactics

This is an infantry-heavy defense against German combined arms in a city.

Setting - Stalingrad.

Intended lessons - city AT tactics with pioneers and single tank "blows".

320 - Advanced Russian anti-tank tactics I - gun front AT defense

This is an open steppe defense against German combined arms using a 76mm battery.

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Intended lessons - basic ATG positioning and fire decisions, "stripping" tactics.

321 - Advanced Russian anti-tank tactics II - combined arms AT defense

This is an open steppe defense against German combined arms with StuGs, using

a mix of AT weapons (Valentine IX, 57mm, 76mm mountain guns).

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Intended lessons - strengths and weaknesses of affordable Russian AT weapons,

integration of an AT role AFV in an otherwise static defense.

322 - Advanced Russian anti-tank tactics III - Tiger defense

This is an open steppe defense against a supported platoon of Tiger tanks, using

a mix of advanced Russian weapons (SU-152, 57mm, Sturmovik).

Setting - Kursk era steppe.

Intended lessons - tactics of strongest weapons against tough armor, confidence facing

tough armor.

Download 300 Series Training Exercises

400 - Battalion level infantry force attack, 1942

Green infantry battalion with heavy artillery support attacks a German-held village.

Setting - Kharkov era 1942.

Intended lessons - defeating limited armor on the attack with an infantry force type,

coordination of a large force, movement forward of heavy weapons.

401 - Battalion level combined arms attack, 1943

Battalion sized regular infantry force with tank, pioneer, and 120mm support.

Setting - post Kursk offensives 1943

Intended lessons - tank-infantry cooperation on the attack, reacting to enemy armor.

402 - Battalion level Mech force attack, 1944

Mixed tank and SU company with SMG riders attacking behind a rocket prep fire.

Setting - Bagration era.

Intended lessons - speed and aggressiveness handling superior armor.

Download 400 Series Training Exercises


For any advice, comments, feedback etc please feel free to post at the Combat Mission CMBB "Russian Training Exercises" forum at Battlefront.Com.