HSG King of the Hill

1st Panzer Division supported by 509th Heavy Tank Battalion as part of the IV SS Panzer Corps clash with the Soviet 5th Guards Cavalry and 1st Mechanized Corps near the villages of Segelyes and Elzamajor in Hungary, 18th January 1945.

This is a King of the Hill Tournament scenario and was used in the last round to help determine the winner of the tournament.

Map size: 2400 x 3000m

Total points combined:18500 (note there are lot's of high value units)

Authors: Steve "Mad Russian" Overton and George McEwan. This was our first joint design project and very enjoyable it was too.

Date: January 18, 1945

  • Region: South
  • Battle Type:
  • Attacker Comes From:
  • Game Length: 33+
  • Flag Type: Static, 20 large each worth 300 points
  • Ground Condition: Light Snow
  • Temperature: Extereme cold
  • Weather: Snowing
  • Defender: FOW
  • Map Contours: Gentle
  • Map Edges Friendly to:
  • W - Axis
  • N - Neutral
  • E - Allied
  • S Neutral

Play recommendations

Best played as H2H. If playing against AI have the AI play the Soviets AI sticking to scenario default.

Download HSG King of the Hill