A Sunaday Dance map looking SW

A Sunday Dance map looking NE

SPW on patrol

Soviet Stalin School recon unit


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HSG A Sunday Dance

On the 16 th August 1942 SPW of 2.Schwadron/Kradschutzen-Abteilung 4 from the 24 th Panzer Division attempt to stop a probe from a combat strength Russian reconnaissance troop (Stalin School) whilst holding a security line on the Yergeni Hill, near the Volga.

This scenario is based on eye witness accounts of the action by Fahenjunker-Wachtmeister Von Senger Und Etterlein and his commander Rittmeister Heinz Kolczyk taken from Jason D.Mark's book “Death of a Leaping Horseman: 24 th Panzer Division in Stalingrad” .

Map size: 1200 x 1520m

Total points combined: Approx 2000


Author: George McEwan

  • Date: 16 th August 1942
  • Region: South
  • Battle Type: Soviet Probe
  • Game Length: 35+
  • Time: Mid-day
  • Ground Condition: Very Dry
  • Temperature: Hot
  • Weather: Clear and sunny
  • Map Contours: 1.25m
  • Map Edges Friendly to:
  • W - Axis
  • N - Neutral
  • E - Allied
  • S – Neutral
  • Flag: 4 flags (read the briefing for your mission objective)

Play recommendations

Although winnable as Soviets in H2H this is NOT a balanced scenario.

Best played as Axis Vs AI with AI free to set-up. If playing against the AI give it at least a +2 combat experience bonus. Will also play as H2H with the more experienced player taking the Soviets.

Note: In reality the Soviets were on a one way mission, it was not expected they would come back but the information they could gather about the German's armoured units whereabouts was worth their sacrifice – in this game the Soviets will suffer heavy casualties, but the brief and the victory conditions reflect this.

Historical Background

During the drive to Stalingrad in August 1942, the dusty panzers of Panzer Regiment 24 were enjoying a short break concealed amongst hollows and gullies near the village of Plodovitoye, 60km south of Stalingrad. For the past three days the men and machines of the 24 th panzer Division had made good time over the dusty barren steppe, and now the panzer crews were in need of a rest and their hard pushed machines repair prior to their next assignment – on to the Volga. At this point the Soviets were unaware that 24 th Panzer Division had recently moved into the area.

Kradschutzen-Abteilung 4 had been detailed to provide security cover for the eastern flank of the panzer Korps. Early on the 15 th August 1942 Etterlein and his platoon moved into their assigned defensive sector near Point 87.0 on the Yergeni Hill. From this elevated ground Etterlein had a commanding view, as he describes – “In front of us, the salt flats were completely flat and extended all the way to the Volga…”

After a quiet night, dawn on the 16 th August saw the Soviets starting to display increased reconnaissance and movement activity in the deep east flank of the 24 th Panzer Division. Soviet probes and attacks became more frequent. On the security line along the Yergeni Hills, Etterlien's unit was tasked to engage one of those reconnaissance probes. Etterlein reported: “It was Sunday and it was decided we have a dance…”

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