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Late War Grossdeutschland SPW

This pack includes mods for the 251 series (251/1/10/2/9) and the basic 250/1.

These mods were done based on David I's mod which used MikeyD's excellent camo and AndrewTF's excellent mod as the base.

All I have done is add the Grossdeutschland Divisional symbol, tactical symbols and vehicle number which are all done from scratch.

There are alternative BMPs which do not have the GD symbol, nor the number on the vehicle. To use these BMPs you will have to unzip the mod and renumber/rename the appropriate BMP. As always mind and back up your originals.

If you are interested in more info about Grossdeutschland check out this website.

Download Late War Grossdeutschland SPW (large file)

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