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Early War 24th 'Leaping Horseman' Panzer Division 250/1

I modded this 250 for a scenario "A Sunday Dance" that recreates an action involving the 2.Schwadron/Kradschutzen-Abteilung 4 from the 24th Panzer Division, also known as "The Leaping Horseman" division.

This mod is based on Canon's dusty Dunkelgrau Sdkfz 250/1 (early). All I've added are the bits and pieces.

The flag is from Andrew TF's equally excellent 250/1, the other bits, such as jerrycans and tarp I acquired from other mods a while back and cannot remember who's they were.If you recognise your work please let me know and I'll ensure you get full credit.

The 24th Panzer Division symbol I made from scratch.

If you would like to read about the combat career of the 24th in the initial fighting for Stalingrad check out this superb history by Jason D.Mark "Death of a Leaping Horseman" or you can read a potted history here.

Download 24th Panzer 250/1 Grau