Blowtorch SPW











"Blowtorch" Battalion

III. (gep)/SS-Panzer Grenadier Regiment. 2 Of the "Leibstandarte"

Kharkov Winter 1943

Using original art from Dey and Pat I have modded the SPW (250/1; 251/1; 251/10; 251/2) to resemble those used by the Blowtorch Battalion during the winter of 1943.

The modded vehicles have extra bits and pieces hanging off them such as kit and tarpaulins, plus they have Leibstandarte and tactical insignia, SS plates and the Blowtorch symbol.

Many thanks to both Pat and Dey for their permission to make public these mods. I have also used several bits and pieces from other artists (flag, tarpaulin, track). As of yet I have been unable to track them down. If you recognise any of your art please accept my apologies for using it without your permission.

Special thanks to David I's painstaking work to remove the dreaded pinks from the 251/10 gunshield.

251/1 - 251-/2 - 251/10 Whitewashed grau version 2

Original Mods by Pat - with some parts provided by BFC, A.FOX & U tgt Credits to them.

251/10 has an optional folder with gun shield.

250/1 Original artwork Modded by Dey


Download Blowtorch Battalion SPW Winter 1943