Looking towards Peiper's Bridge
Kharkov Map


Kharkov Operation Map

Map size 4000m x 2080m

Designer: Charlie Meconis

The map is based on historical versions found at http://mapy.mk.cvut.cz and on pp. 22-3 of “After the Battle” 112 and, since much of Kharkov survived intact, on current maps found at www.kharkov.ua/about/images/kharkov_center-e.gif and in printed form from Ukraine.

We shortened the terrain by about 1/3 to fit the CMBB map. We made every effort to be as accurate as possible within the game's limits to depict Kharkov, even using photos of city landmarks and streets where available.

The actual map was used in an operation called Peiper's Bridge in Kharkov

Download Kharkov Map here