Chariots command map

Peiper's Chariots of Fire

Peiper's Blowtorch Battalion fights to hold the village of Andrejewka against attacks from the Soviet 6 th Guards Cavalry Corps on the 7th February 1943.

Map size 4km x 3km

11500 points combined

  • Operation Length: 4 Battles each off 30 turns variable
  • Total Points: Approx 15000 combined
  • Map Size: 4 x 3km
  • Opening Battle Slot: Mid-day, night time:3 rd Battle
  • Ground Conditions: Light snow
  • Temperature: Extreme cold
  • Defender: Meeting Engagement
  • Weather Pattern: Bad
  • Operation Type: Static (please refer to CMBB handbook as to how this works)
  • Number of Flags: 14 (each worth 300 points)
  • Attackers Casualty Point Factor: 100%
  • Size Of No Mans Land: 800m

Authors: George McEwan and Charlie Meconis

Date: May 2005


Many thanks to Ken Federoff and Stoffel over at The Proving Grounds for playtesting and feedback.

Playing the Operation

This operation can be played as H2H or as Axis Vs Soviet AI (in this case stick to ‘computer player uses scenario default'). If you like a challenge then up the AI's experience level by a factor of +2.

Note it will not play well as Soviet Vs German AI due to make-up of German forces.

To be historically accurate do not skip night combat.

At the start of each battle you will receive new orders that will also give you an updated situation report.

Notes about Playing Static Operations

For playing Static operations please refer to the CMBB handbook on the CD as a PDF file.

A couple of points that may not be immediately obvious regarding the size and effect of no-mans land between battles.

After the first battle the main line is defined, just like in other operations, from one side of map to the other, and the distance from one Main Line to the other is the size of the No Mans Land. But troop concentrations within No Mans Land can create a deployment zone of their own (or a situation of being out of supply if there are too little troops there), and these can be quite a lot closer to enemy deployment zones - even right next to them.
This means that although your Main Line may be the specified distance (see briefing) from the enemies Main Line, isolated or advanced units will be closer to the enemies Main Line and it is possible for advanced units to have the enemy set-up right next to them prior to the start of the next battle.

When playing against a human opponent this effect can be managed to allow for a realistic situation by using ‘play as they lay' rules. If playing against the AI it is as well to be aware that the AI can, and will, set-up within spitting distance of any of your advanced units.

Command Map

To help you assess the terrain and keep track of the action this scenario has a topographical map associated with it. You can download it here.

Download Peiper's Chariots of Fire

Download Peiper's Chariots of Fire:After Action Report, Axis vs. AI

This is a series of AARs made by . Brian “Mojohand” J.Gribbon. It covers his playing of the CMBB Operation “Peiper's Chariots of Fire”, set in February 1943 during the 3 rd Battle of Kharkov.

If you have not played this scenario please be aware that this AAR contains numerous spoilers.