Peiper's Bridge

Chugyev Crossroads and Graveyard

Stug covering Peiper's bridge

fighting at Peiper's Bridge

Wunsche's panzers in the graveyard


Peiper's Bridge in Kharkov

The Blowtorch Battalion must fight through Kharkov to link up with Panzermeyer's Kampfgruppe surrounded at the cemetery near the crucial Volchansk – Chuguyev crossroads.

Map size: 4000m x 2080m

Total points combined: 30 000

Authors: Charlie Meconis and George McEwan

  • Date: March 13, 1943
  • Region: South
  • Battle Type: Static Operation with 6 Flags each worth 300 points
  • Attacker Comes From: West
  • Game Length: 5 battles, 15+ turns each
  • Opening Battle Slot: Dawn
  • Ground Condition: Light Snow
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Weather: Good
  • Defender: Dug In
  • Map Contours: Gentle
  • Map Edges Friendly to:
  • W - Axis
  • N - Axis
  • E - Allied
  • S – Allied
  • No-Mans Land: 80m

Play recommendations

Best played as H2H. If playing as H2H it is suggested that the Soviet player sticks to the scenario default set-up only moving units around in their immediate zone. It is also recommended that players use “play as they lay” rules.

This will also play well as German Vs Soviet AI only.

Please ensure you read and understand about playing static operations – there are game engine elements there that affect play against the AI.

The main issue to be aware of is that after Battle 1 Meyer's Kampfgruppe will be cut off. This means the German player cannot move the units in the area they lay. As the AI will be able to set-up very close to these units (see below) the German player is faced with a dilemma. If you leave the units where they are they run the risk of being caught in the open on turn 1 of the next battle.

Although leaving KG Meyer where they are is the realistic and historically accurate option it can make for some frustrating moments. The other option is to pull all KG Meyer back to the German set-up zone, but limit their pull back to the front of the German set-up zone whilst leaving all KG Peiper where they lay. Although not historically accurate it at least keeps in the spirit of the scenario.

About Playing Static Operations

For playing Static operations please refer to the CMBB handbook on the CD as a PDF file.

A couple of points that may not be immediately obvious regarding the size and effect of no-mans land between battles.

After the first battle the main line is defined, just like in other operations, from one side of map to the other, and the distance from one Main Line to the other is the size of the No Mans Land. But troop concentrations within No Mans Land can create a deployment zone of their own (or a situation of being out of supply if there are too little troops there), and these can be quite a lot closer to enemy deployment zones - even right next to them.
This means that although your Main Line may be the specified distance (see briefing) from the enemies Main Line, isolated or advanced units will be closer to the enemies Main Line and it is possible for advanced units to have the enemy set-up right next to them prior to the start of the next battle.

When playing against a human opponent this effect can be managed to allow for a realistic situation by using ‘play as they lay' rules. If playing against the AI it is as well to be aware that the AI can, and will, set-up within spitting distance of any of your advanced units.

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