Bäke's Winter Storm I Command Map

II Battalion conducting a horizon crawl

Pz IIIs from Scheibert's 6th Company

Panzer IIIs crossing a balka


Soviet T34s from 13th mech Corps in action

The battle hots up, burning T34s in the background

Rau's 'Tank Graveyard'

Panzers move leaving wrekced and burning T34s in their wake

Panzer IIIs from 6th panzer Company

2nd Contact with 17th Mech Brigade

T34s from 17th Mech Brigade
























Bäke's Winter Storm I

This scenario follows on from the earlier Bäke CMBB scenario "Bäke's Prelude at Pokhlebin".

After the victory at Pokhlebin, General Raus is supremely confident in the superiority of his tank forces. In the steady rain of a brief thaw, 6th Panzer sent most of its mobile forces in a Kampfgruppe commanded by Panzer Regiment 11's Colonel Hünersdorff across the Aksay on the road toward Verkne Kumsky early on 14 December.

Encountering only light opposition at first, most of the Kampfgruppe had just arrived in Verkne Kumsky around 9am when the first Soviet combined tank and infantry attack struck the village from the north. As this attack was being repulsed, reports from both captured Soviets and the II Panzer battalion's light recon platoon of Pz IIs indicated that a large Soviet tank force was on the move southeast of Verkne Kumsky.

In order to "fully use his mobility and his full firepower to seek out the enemy in the open terrain", Col. Hünersdorff immediately ordered Major Dr. Bäke to take his reinforced II Battalion out of the village to find and destroy the reported Soviet tank force. Bäke used terrain cover to move his force some 4km south of Verkne Kumsky just to the west of the road and then turned them to the east. One of the most critical and intense tank battles in the history of the Eastern front is about to begin, and Major Bäke will be in the thick of it...

Map size: 2.2km x 4km

Total points combined: 13000

DESIGNERS' NOTES for "Bake's Winter Storm I"

To make this battle playable within CMBB parameters we have slightly reduced the dimension of the battlefield and size of forces.

Authors: George McEwan and Charlie Meconis

Version: 01

  • Date: 14/12/42
  • Region: South
  • Battle Type:Meeting Engagement
  • Game Length: 60+
  • Number of Flags: None
  • Time of Day: Midday
  • Ground Condition: Light snow
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Weather: Fog
  • Map Contours: Gentle

Playing The Scenario

Best played as H2H or as any side against AI with AI sticking to ‘computer player uses scenario default' (Although German Vs Soviet AI is better). If playing against the AI give it a combat experience bonus of at least +2.

If played as H2H more experienced player should play the German

Each Game file contains a side specific command map and Historical Background Info.

Download Bäke's Winter Storm I

Download Historical Background PDF