Bäke's Knights Cross at New Year Part 2.

No 5 in the CMBB Combat History series Bäke Battles: "Der Mensch" In The East", this scenario follows on from the earlier CMBB scenario "Bäke’s Knights Cross at New Year Part 1”.

Mid-day 1st January 1943

Bäke’s II. Abteiling of the 6th Panzer Division’s 11 Panzer Regiment fights a desperate armoured action against the exhausted remnants of Red Army General Badanov’s Soviet 24th and 25th Tank Corps and the 1st Guards Mechanized Corps as they make one last try to cut the vital rail link to Stalingrad.

Map size: 2.2km x 4km
Total points combined: 14000
Authors:  George McEwan and Charlie Meconis

Date: 1st January 1943
Region: South
Battle Type: Soviet Attack
Attacker Comes From: See side specific brief.
Game Length: 60+
Number of Flags: FOW
Opening Battle Slot: Mid-day
Ground Condition: Light snow
Temperature: Frozen
Weather:  Fog
Defender: FOW
Map Contours: Gentle
Map Edge Friendly to:
West - Neutral
North - Allied
East - Axis
South - Axis

Each zip file contains a historical background PDF (which contains spoilers) and command map. AI version if for play against the AI only; H2H is for two player only.

Download Bäkes Knights Cross at New Year Part 2 AI

Download Bäke's Knights Cross at New Year Part 2 H2H