Soviet Cavalry attacking at Pokhlebin











Bäke: Prelude At Pokhlebin

On the 3rd December 1942 the combined arms spearhead of Lt. General Meshkin's IV Cavalry Corps makes violent contact with advance elements from Raus's 6th Panzer Division at the small village of Pokhlebin.

Latter that day the newly arrived 11th Panzer Regiment hastily assembles at Kotelnikovo for a counter attack. Leading the spearhead of that counter attack is Major Franz Bäke's II. Abteilung. The battle that Raus termed "The Cannae of Pokhlebin" is about to begin...

Map size: 3040m x 4000m

Total points combined: 19000

Authors: George McEwan and Charlie Meconis

DESIGNERS' NOTES for "Bäke Prelude at Pokhlebin 42"

To make this battle playable within CMBB parameters we have condensed the timeline of the actual action and reduced the dimension of the battlefield by 50%.

  • Date: 3rd - 4th December 1942
  • Region: South
  • Battle Type: Static Operation (see Playing Static Operations)
  • Attacker Comes From: East
  • Game Length: 4 battles each 25+ turns
  • Number of Flags: 4
  • Opening Battle Slot: Dawn
  • Ground Condition: Light snow
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Weather: Good
  • Map Contours: Gentle
  • No-Mans Land: 800m

Playing the Operation

Best played as H2H or as any side against AI with AI sticking to 'computer player uses scenario default'. If playing against the AI give it a combat experience bonus of at least +2.

If played as H2H more experienced player should play the Germans.

Note: Read the side specific brief with care - there is important therein.

Each Game file contains a side specific command map and Historical Background Info.

Download Bäke Prelude at Pokhlebin

Download the Historical Background PDF